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, mr. obama found himself on the phone with middle east leaders as israel and hamas in gaza rained down rockets on each other. and secretary clinton headed for the region hoping to use a cease-fire to search for longer term answers. >> now we have to focus on reaching a durable outcome that promotes regional stability and advances the security, dignity, and legitimate aspirations of palestinians and israelis alike. pete: but she also made it clear the u.s. is firmly supporting its ally israel. peter baker was traveling with the president. peter, with all the changes in the region, how has the u.s. role changed in this process? >> well, of course, you saw president obama taking a very hands on role in this. something that he's been reluctant to do at times in the past. he had a bad experience trying to involve himself in peace making in the middle east in the beginning of his presidency. he grew a little disenchanted with how intransigent players were. he and netanyahu the prime minister of israel have a troublesome relationship to say the least. and yet he decided in this case he had to
to greenhouse gases. a rough guy to what's coming down with the regulatory pipeline in a second obama term. the editorial page editor and james freeman and mary kissle and joe rago. so, joe, give us a big picture sense here, what are the magnitudes of what we're talking about? many of these are hundred million dollar rules or more in terms of cost, aren't they? >> yes, when you look at the bush and clinton administrations averageded same number of rules, about 45. obama's first two years, that surged to about 66, 63 in that range. and now, we're starting-- then it fell in the second two years in the leadup to the election and this is because the regulators slowed down, it's because they delayed everything until election day, now, we're about to get-- they're about to make up for last time. >> paul: mary, what do you think are the big rules you're following? >> think about energy, particularly epa. they're bringing out billion dollar rules and something we haven't seen before. and it's going to really affect almost every part of our economy, because energy goes into the production, pretty m
't you hunker down within the target? give president obama credit thah whether it's because of the fed and easy money or whatever it's been, the stock market has donee well. would you buy some favorite stocks and plan on holding theme through the entire next four years? >> you know, i've always been an advocate of buying stocks that pay gh dividends, but taxes going from 15% up to 40%. that takes a huge wind out of te the sails for that argument so, you know, the timing is everything. timing was good to buy stocks at the beginning of obama, and now, not so much. housing is a great place to be because it's cheap. melissa: i have to say i felt better after hearing spencer's ideas. don't you feel better? come on. great vice like that coming from top experts. it's all about looking ahead and knowing what to do with your money. all right. coming up, iran's thumbs its nose at western sanctions. we'll explain how it's using billions of dollars worth of gold to stay financially afloat. plus, what goes up must come down unless your red bull's brand. how fearless felix's record space jump may ha
's the affect of the ban. >> i don't know. i didn't look at the racial and ethnic break down of the obama voters in arizona. >> i did. and she is right. >> i don't think you did, bill. >> pretty sure it did. >> you did say it sounds like a small town. i believe it is 4200 with 736 obama voters. >> not enough to carry the place. but significant amount of a small town. and you notice i am looking at the camera. >> very weird. >> the readers are thankful for that. the viewers. >> all of the readers are thankful. >> i have been out of magazine for six years, longer actually. >> the left does this all the time. you brought up the boycott of chick-fil-a and papa john. they say it is okay to boycott a business, but not a business owner to boycott customers. >> i think liberals think it is okay to have boycotts when they say it is okay to have boycotts. >> that's more accurate. >> and they love to go after advertisers and not just the consumer. >> i checked out cope reynolds, great name, the gun shop owner. he is at desert scope 1. >> nice. >> here are a few of his tweets. united states dissolving, prec
of victory. even bush increased his. clinton increased his by six points. obama went from 7 down to three. 8 million fewer votes total. a little tough to seek a strong mandate there compared to say reagan's second term. you also have the challenge that all presidents are lame ducks as and as they get reelected. if you look at the present at the beginning of his term, he might be there for eight years. if you need something from the white house, you have eight years of having to deal with that person. we now have for years and ticking on a reelected president. the republican house menominee the bush -- ran on maintaining the bush lower tax rates. we have a mandate to. the democrats, when they got their majorities in the house, they got two landslides republicans only got one landslide. the republicans got their landslide in 2010, the year when everyone did redistricting for the next decade. democrats won the house for four years. as you move forward, would you look at what but passed out, the mandate -- they reelected the house. red states have republican governor and both houses legislator r
. if you had a serious person like jon huntsman who could sit down with president obama or whomever the president might designate, and they could discuss these things seriously, and come up with a united front, it would really be extremely helpful. >> i don't want them to have a united front. i want them to have a big fight. i just want it to be a quality fight between informed people, even if they have wildly different perspectives, but where they actually might represent some other people because they're speaking truth. they've earned it. they haven't been given that job and failed at it, and they might have -- i am happy for them to have a clash. >> you can have a fight when you're trying to determine or put forward your foreign policy, but when you actually get to the crunch, when you're actually going to war, when you've been at war in afghanistan for such a long time, we had iraq, and then we have what's going on in the middle east now, in those crisis moments, i think it is important to try and have the united states be the honest broker and to have, you know, as much agreeme
. here is steve king with how president obama's mother managed to convince us all that her son was born in hawaii, not in kenya. >> i looked into that before he was sworn in for the presidency. we went down into the library of congress and we found the micro fish there, only two in hawaii. each had published the birth of barack obama. it would have been hard to fraudulently file the birth notice of barack obama being born in hawaii. there doesn't mean there aren't other ways they could have announced that by telegram from kenya. >> maybe she neglected to consider that naming her son barack obama might be a problem for her son's future run for the united states. have a great holiday weekend! in. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. with his wife, danielle, almost every weekend. derrell hasn't been able to visit his mom back east in a long time. [ shirley ] things are sometimes a little tight around the house. i wasn't able to go to the wedding. [ emily jo ] since derrell couldn't get home, we decided to
, okay how about repealing obama care hillary care was reject how about cutting 500 billion from federal spend get it down to the levels how about gen rain deregulation and stabilizing the dollar. and it was almost good as gold. we can live approximate with the tax increases that are coming. and republicans should say we are not going to deal. >> woo are talk being repealing obama care. do you believe at that point honestly there is political will do do that? >> i think the republicans how to say in terms of dealing with the president. he won reelection and 230 house members won reelection on the premise of not having tax increases and not bringing in obama care. and people are beginning to realize the massive expenses and regulations and distorting of obama care that obama will do. and so when it goes live in the fall of 2013 it will crush the economy. side track the worst parts now rather than waiting until it smashes the economy. >> there is it a lot of talk republicans caving in to pressure on the tax hikings. gop has to hold firm until intitlements are cut. do you think that will ha
system works bringing down prices and de do dimunition in service. more we medical care in all kinds of ways, better prices we get and better than obama care. >> but john, i am curious what you think about they go out and search around. and it is it it is 100 percent. and there is no reason. and thyself guys need to have pencil and ledger system in the computer world. they need to be transparent. it is complications . and let me and you and that is it a version of health care over seas. you think we can fix the problems we have here in this country? >> it might be. this is the greatest country in the world. you hope you get health care on your door step. it costs every american $8000 a year. that is two can half more than other industrialized nations. doubles pay double what everybody else pays for drugs. lower the health care costs. but travel, people don't want to travel away from their family it is it heartbreaking. >> at the same time a major american company. krogre for example. it is cheaper if you go to the state next door. but they are paying for the employees. >> and people
't have a direct involvement in it. and obama by strongly defending her at that press conference, he has boxed himself in. if he does nominate her, he is picking a fight with congress or if he backs down, if he doesn't nominate her he will look weak. >> heather: way tonight take a look at this. it was opinion piece by maureen dowd. rice should have realized when a gang showed up with mortars known as hotbed of sympathizers and islamic training camps... zbleelts that raises two good questions. why didn't she realize there had to be something more to this attack and as a result why didn't she look at the classified intel that she had access to? why wasn't her and not hillary out in front initially? >> hillary clinton was fairly quiet in the days after this. why wasn't hillary clinton up on capitol hill or on those sunday shows. there is lot. we still don't know a lot of answers. mike rogers has defended the intelligence community. there are a lot of questions ongoing investigations but it will be fascinating to see if obama goes forward and decides to nominate rice. >> there is a john mcca
they know even if they get a deal what president obama has in store in terms of taxes from bank of ameriobamaca the line, every survey. >> and what i think they're-- i think what you're all doing is talking down the economy, one. two, we're talking about top 2% back to what they were under the clinton rates. and it's wrong to say you haven't seen spending cuts coming from washington. a deal in 1985 on grammar and hollands in 1987. >> julian, julian, i don't want to-- julian. >> and i don't want to get too far off the topic, we're not talking 1985 we're talking now. >> thank you. >> ben, the point is that i want to bring up with you. a lot of people don't realize the stock market crashed after the debt ceiling debate was signed after a deal was reached, then the market crashed. so, even coming up with some sort of deal, i don't know that you can fool the public anymore, can you fool the markets and public kicking the can down the road? >> let me make two respectful points, warren buffett is extremely good businessman says that higher taxes will not impact his decisions to expand
on monday. to you think with the romney or obama as president of another such moment occurred that the tea party types would listen to people like that and still send the economy down the drain? >> well, there is a moment that i memorialize in my book during the debt ceiling standoff that i think is real, you know, illustrative. the thinking of the more conservative flank. and it was the house leaders, you know, i'm answering your question in a general way because i can speak specifically in the future. but there were concerned. they believe that ceiling needed to be raised. they did believe that risking the full faith and credit of the netting states was a very dangerous proposition. they believe that a default would be a terrible thing for this country, and so because they could see that a lot of there fellow members did not believe that to be the case they brought in this treasury, this former treasury undersecretary named j. paul who served in the george herbert walker bush of ministration to explain to them the very dispassionate ways of what would happen if -- when august 2nd came an
. the romney transition team has been working on this for months and i am sure they are ready for it. the obama administration is ready to fill vacancies. this will have rebels all the way down the hierarchy. what i would like to discuss tonight is how we got from where we are, the politics of patronage, the challenges of recruiting political appointees , how the system results in major delays and managerial destructions and how it undermines presidential leadership and good management. and finally, possible remedies for reforming the system. why do we get mad at government incompetence? because we expect a competent and effective bureaucracy. you create bureaucracies that hire competent workers that bring specialization, expertise, accountability, and continuity. there is no alternative in large-scale systems to organize great amounts of people to accomplish a goal or mission. this is not the way the united states began. it took about a century to figure it out and half a century to implement. the spoils system of the nineteenth century, there has been a constant tension between partisan contr
sector has to move in and the 39.6 tax rate, you are not adding in the 3.8%, obama increase in payroll taxes, it is over 40% and it hits small businesses, subchapter-s corporations and, llc as and flow-flew entities and the corporate tax rate goes down and it makes them feel good and the businesses hit by the tax increases are the very small and mid-sized businesses that create jobs. >> lou: folks who weren't there today, andy. the folks were not there today. >> same people that they'll hit with obamacare and internally increases and labor cost increases. >> lou: what if i told you that i think it makes some sense, give him at the margin what he wants on taxes, okay? whether that is on investment tanks capping deductions, basically what mitt romney was proposing, which made a lot of sense, i think for most folks, get this done, and, then, say, all right, now what will you do? you will still be left, if you roll all of that up, you are still going to be left with a huge hole called the deficit and it will have to mean cutting the federal budget. >> so, even if we increase the tax rates,
culture his champion is the left. alone, confused, and lost. the obama campaign 2008 changed may this be understood as a directive, the all of which is change or suffered. stand up where sit down? cement opened the door for a woman? permitted for whites to criticize a failed politician? should folks of the same sex be allowed to marry? as he or she replaced the as the correct pronoun? operationally the same question as they create fear as the questioner has no idea where to look for guidance and clarification. just like the house guest the insistence on difference in all things. the mutual desire to express courtesy driving both sides mad. this fear of a cultural vacuum is historical a leader and an enemy. the culturally unsettled man to have allegiance which will replace the structure sacrificed in the cultures abandonment. someone in whom one can believe in in the midst of the mess we have inherited which was previously known as the united states of america. macy also jim jones and all those claiming by intellect or face they can supervene the natural laws. if there were such a
. in the past 30 years, we've seen taxes go up, down and sideways, but we've never seen a sustained effort of spending and the kind of entitlement reforms this moment's going to require. >> now, ethan, i know you worked with the obama camp for a while. there's a notion in this that both sides were aware that in all likelihood, taxes are probably going to have to go up across the board simply to deal with the deficit and everything else out there, so if you're a democrat, are you happy or unhappy because once that train starts rolling, it could hit l middle class, which the democrats warn they won't touch. >> i mean, i'm definitely happy about it. it's thanksgiving and i'm very thankful right now for millions of americans who came out on november 6th and declared loudly that the tax reform in particular making especially the highest income americans, you know, actually paying their fair share of taxes. that that's a priority and something that should be pursued in context of the fiscal cliff. the train is rolling and i think it's nice to see even some republicans now eventually realizing th
more for obama then for the republicans? it seems like the generations are really going down the tube. and the legal environment in this country -- i am a surgeon. [indiscernible] i can see the impact of the legal ramifications. host: we will leave it there. why do more young people, why did not more young people vote for governor romney? guest: i think this is not on the election and fiscal issues, there are many other issues on the table and young people looking at the polls are very clear wanting to support marriage equality and other social issues but are pretty polarized between both parties. there are big generational issues. but with that said, there are people on both sides of that debate, too. we took a lot of good will in seeing that the youth make up 19% of the electorate now. one point more than 2008, one. over 2004. we are a generation coming of age. there are more people under the electric under 30 than there are over 65. we cannot wait on this issue and pressure congress to get a deal done next year. host: ryan schoenike? guest: next hit on a lot of these points. the th
-fires, and there have been others, don't always last. and you've seen president obama jump fully into this, secretary clinton very directly involved in a way they haven't been for quite some time. you know, in this middle east con nun drum. so down the road, how will this all turn out? not totally clear. >> dan, do you think the white house viewed this as a bit of a risk going into it? >> reporter: well, look, there is always a risk when you're dealing with this kind of situation in this region where you've had this conflict going on for so long. but there had to have been some indication it was moving in a positive direction or they probably would not have sent secretary of state clinton there to sort of seal this deal or get it all tied up. they did have these phone conversations that i pointed out, and the white house saying that the president developed sort of a relationship of trust with president morsi. and that's kind of interesting it, because you look back, it wasn't just a short time ago where the president was saying that egypt was no longer an ally. there were a lot of concerns about pres
are what i call a-plus presidents, and another six or seven would be a president's command and then down to of several paths and a few incomplete, mostly presidents to did not serve a full term because of the facet -- assassination or death. in the case of barack obama i did not seek fair at the time i wrote the book to judge him over the long course of history based on less than a full term. >> host: to of your more recent books, america's hidden history and a nation rising. is it fair to say that george washington sometimes maybe we don't learn the full story about george washington? >> guest: we absolutely don't learn the full story about george washington, and one of the reasons i wrote america's hidden history and then and nation rising was to tell those stories that the school books to leave out and particularly about washington. most americans, unfortunately, still have the cherry tree story in mind when they think of him washington. of course, the story is completely manufactured by a man who did not know washington and made these stories up as a kind of reader for children, couc
're not adding in the obama increase in petrol taxes. it's over 40 percent. that it's all businesses, subchapter s corporations, elsie's. the larger corporation, th corporate tax rate goes down. that makes them feel good. the businesses that will be hit by these tax increases are the very small and midsize businesses that create jobs same people that get hit with obamacare, the energy increases, and a labor cost increases. lou: what if i told you that it makes some sense. give him at the margiwhat he wants on taxes. whether that's on investment tax , camping deductions. basically what mitt romney was proposing. get that done. then say what you going to do? you going to still be left if you roll all of that up. you will still be left with a huge deficit. it's going to have to mean cutting the federal budget. >> even if we increase the tax rate he top 1 percent in th country makes seven timbers of the income. 37 percent of the taxes. so a fair share argument really is it -- lou: you're getting a again start out here. your last shot. >>r. president, please, please work with the business community.
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)